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Lead Pastor

  • Recruits Marketing Plan Coordinator
  • Recruits Marketing Plan Team.
  • Considers serving as a Marketing Plan Team member, if appropriate.
  • Once YOUR MARKETING PLAN is complete, ensures it is implemented by appropriate staff and laity.

Marketing Plan Coordinator:

  • Manages the development of YOUR MARKETING PLAN
  • Prepares the marketing plan process timeline and shares with the team.
  • Distributes the following to each Team Member:
    • Sections of YOUR MARKETING PLAN Workbook (introduction, five steps and worksheets) at appropriate stages that each member will fill-in as he/she moves through the process.

    • Works with church administration in advance to gather and distribute congregational reports listed on the Homewok tab) .
    • Customized Church Reports if any.
    • A detailed timeline, mapping out when each step will occur.
  • Serves as a team member, sharing in their homework and coordinating each of the Action Steps.
  • Maintains the master copy of YOUR MARKETING PLAN.

Marketing Plan Team:

  • Participates in each of the five steps by:

    • Prayerfully considering and completing homework in advance.
    • Carrying out the group excercises (Action Steps).
    • Contributing to the master copy of YOUR MARKETING PLAN.


  • One where every step counts!
    You might be tempted to jump into tactics. Don't! The first half of the process is the most important AND you'll miss out on all the fun. Working through the first steps lays the foundation for YOUR MARKETING PLAN’S messaging, focus, direction and most fruitful opportunities. The exercises are designed for your team to have fun and celebrate your church's impact and to dream about its potential.

  • Comprehensive but realistic.
    This process will help your church leaders create a comprehensive but realistic Marketing Plan. By the time you work through this entire process, you can immediately start implementing the plan and make an impact.

  • Customized to your church.
    Because the process has a highly interactive approach, your team plays the key role in developing the Plan. You learn, discover, assess and plan according to your church's personality, vision and available resources. Therefore, making the Plan completely customized for your church.

  • A church-wide endeavor.
    Your church can contribute toward the process. While some leaders may take on key roles such as coordinating the process, driving deadlines, researching, participating in discussions and working through action steps, there will be many opportunities for others to be involved along the way.

  • Done in the context of day-to-day ministry.
    While some of the exercises ask your team to set aside time for meetings and discussions, we encourage you to glean much of your discovery/planning as you’re doing your day-to-day ministry. This will ensure that creating the plan does not put existing ministry on hold.

  • Not something you read. It's something you do.
    As your team works through the homework, reflects about your church and conducts the action steps, you will grow to understand marketing and its value to your church. We provide many resources and additional reading for you to build on your working knowledge.

  • Measurable.
    church goalsWhen you see the icon to the right, remember to pause, test and measure what you’ve just read and/or discussed. Measuring isn’t something to save until the end of YOUR MARKETING PLAN - this is an evaluate and measure-as-you-go workbook. Remembering the old adage, measure twice, cut once will help you to think through each new area and create healthy marketing details along the way.

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