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Advent Worship Resources

Here are some worship resources you can use for the Advent Season. Read More

Rethink Church Brochure

Find out more about how to grow and strengthen your congregation through Rethink Church. Read More

National Advertising

Did you know that the United Methodist Church advertises nationally each year? Read More

Grants for New Churches

Rethink Church offers grants to new churches. Read More

Digital Advertising Grants

United Methodist Communications is now offering Digital Advertising Grants to local United Methodist churches. Read More

Rethink Church Event Grants

Community Event Grants are available year round to assist church clusters, districts and conferences who are holding a Rethink Church event in their community. Large scale single church events may… Read More


Church doesn't just happen when we're sitting in the pew. Church happens when we reach out to those who are hungry, sick or forgotten. When we stand together for justice and inclusion. And when we open our hearts to those who are struggling. That's putting beliefs into action. That's what it means to RETHINK CHURCH.